What Our Children's Music Classes Offer

The Kids' MusicRound Program is a unique blend of fun and education, designed to inspire and teach children the joys of music while nurturing strong family and community connections. Children in our program thrive both musically and socially while immersed in a fun, musical environment.

KMR classes are designed to guide children through the stages of early childhood music development to achievement of basic music competence. The highly researched music class curriculum sparks the inner musician in everyone - infants and toddlers as well as preschool aged children. Even the most reserved parents leave our classes humming new songs and tapping their toes.

We believe in a developmentally appropriate approach with parental participation.

Each child is allowed to explore and discover at its individual developmental level in a stimulating, playful learning environment. Since young children learn quickly through modeling the important people in their lives, we believe strongly in parental participation. Here you will connect musically with your child as you sing, chant rhythmic rhymes and play simple rhythm instruments together.

During our music classes, you and your child will:

  • Sing along to original, traditional and multi-cultural musical selections that introduce your child to a variety of different tonal and rhythmic meters.
  • Learn to keep and follow a beat through drumming, stomping, dancing and musical play.
  • Enjoy a bonding experience that will create memories and make a lasting impression on both you and your child.
  • Participate in music activities that help develop your child's motor skills - such as dancing, clapping and bouncing.
  • Experience the touch and feel of rhythm instruments specifically designed for tiny hands.

Kids’ MusicRound received the 2015 CREATIVE PLAY OF THE YEAR award in the Music category from Creative Child Magazine
For more information on the Kids' MusicRound program please visit www.kidsmusicround.com 

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The Magic of Music in Early Childhood!


Family Music Classes for infants, toddlers, and CHILDREN UP TO age 5